The classic Atmosphere of Vintage barbershops


“Machete Barber Shop” traditional and vintage in its style

where your haircut and beard will be designed with a unique style in accordance to international methods.



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We use only the best products

From our Homemade Products...

You can buy our products in our barber shops or directly online

To the best brands in the barbershop industry

Js Sloane, Capt Fawcett, Suavecito Pomade, Pomp&C, Fine Accoutrements, Layrite

Your World

Not a Trend, not a Fashion, not a Style
For men who care for their needs

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Services & Prices

“Under 21” Haircut€ 19

“BeSpoke” Traditional Haircut€ 24

“Bespoke BIO” Cut€ 26

“Traditional Shave” Beard€ 18

“American Shave” Beard€ 24

“Deluxe Shave” Beard€ 30

“BioShaving” Treatment€ 20

Bio Beard Care€ 26

“Traditional” Tattoosupon agreement

Our Locations

Viale Manzoni, 19Roma
P.zza Cinecittà, 34/35Roma
Via Platani, 113Roma
Via Zingari, 18Roma
Via Pacinotti, 23Roma
Via Tirreno, 14Roma
Via Angelo Emo, 74Roma
Via dei Fossi 8rFirenze

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